I Remember River Clear

Schnelzer, Albert

För cello och piano.

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I Remember River Clear

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Programme note

To grow up in the Swedish county of Värmland is to grow up close to water. The river Klarälven (~ River Clear) that flows through the landscape is constantly present and has affected both nature and people for centuries. Throughout my childhood, it was there without anyone really taking much notice of its existence. It lay there like a huge entity and wherever you turned, the river was always there. Almost like a constantly vigilant parent or supernatural being. It flows, rumbles and rushes through the landscape and is at times peaceful and almost desolate and sometimes huge and frightening. It is narrow and winding in the countryside and finally branches out into a river delta that permeates my entire hometown. On the river I have traveled by boat and raft, I swam there in the summer as a child and above all passed daily throughout my entire upbringing. The Klarälven becomes part of the human DNA of the people nearby and in some sense its water flows in everyone’s veins. We are all part of the river.

Albert Schnelzer

Partitur och separat cellostämma ingår.





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Instrument & Ensemble, klassiskt, duo, valthorn, piano


Schnelzer, Albert

Albert Schnelzer slog igenom 1998 då han vann tävlingen Morgondagens Tonsättare.
2004 kom det internationella genombrottet med uruppförandet av pianotrion Predatory Dances vid Festival Présence i Paris. Framförandet av orkesterstycket A Freak in Burbank på BBC Proms 2010 innebar det stora genombrottet för hans orkestermusik. Idag spelas hans musik flitigt av orkestrar och kammarmusiker både i Sverige och internationellt.

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