A Choral Sequence from the St John Passion

MacMillan, James

mixed choir (SATB) and organ, percussion ad lib.

A Choral Sequence from the St John Passion

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This 17-minute choral sequence is scored for mixed chorus and organ, with optional percussion, and presents five of the Latin ‘motets’ which occur at the end of movements in MacMillan’s St John Passion (2007): ‘Astiterunt reges terræ’, ‘Judas, mercator pessimus’, ‘Peccantem me quotidie’, ‘Crucifixus etiam pro nobis’, ‘Stabat Mater’. In the last of these MacMillan quotes Bach’s ‘Passion Chorale’; Bach’s original is therefore included as an optional opening movement in the sequence, to be sung in German or English.
The sequence was selected by Nigel Perrin (Bath Camerata), who comments, “I chose these movements because they stand on their own and are effective as ‘motets’ with organ accompaniment. The order of movements forms a sort of chronological sequence. Although the keys do not relate I felt that this did not matter as each movement is completely different, creating its own sound-world and emotion. I have not added to the original settings; rather, I have removed material so that the choral construction can stand alone.”
A Choral Sequence from the St John Passion represents a significant addition to the repertory of devotional works for Passiontide and is appropriate for church and concert performance alike.



Organ, percussion ad lib.


SATB divisi




Kör, svenska, latin, tyska, SATB, orgel, slagverk