Anthems Old & New for SA Men del 1

Samling med 100 anthems satta för SAB. Mycket omfattande med repertoar från barock till nutid.

Anthems Old & New for SA Men del 1

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Titlar i samling

  • A Celtic benediction (Bambrick)
  • And the glory of the Lord (Händel)
  • Ave Maria (Arcadelt)
  • Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)
  • Ave verum corpus (Mozart)
  • Before the ending of the day (Archer)
  • Bist du bei mir (Bach)
  • Brother James’ Air (Bain)
  • Can it be true? (Grieg)
  • Christ be beside me (Archer)
  • Christ be with me (Pachelbel)
  • Christ in creation (Bambrick)
  • Christ, the way of life (Warren)
  • Come, Holy Ghost (Attwood)
  • Come, let us all this day (Bach)
  • Come, my way, my truth, my life (Archer)
  • Comfort, comfort (Bruch)
  • Cry out with joy to the Lord (Lloyd)
  • Expectans expectavi (Wood)
  • Father, we have broken the bread (Tambling)
  • Father, your steadfast purpose (Tambling)
  • Fill thou my life (Lloyd)
  • From glory to glory (Shephard)
  • Gladness, sadness, joy and sorrow (MacDowell)
  • God is a spirit (Bennett)
  • God is why I am (Viner)
  • God so loved the world (Stainer)
  • God that madest heaven and earth (Parker)
  • Go in peace (Dvorak)
  • Great and marvellous (Smart)
  • Hallelujah Chorus (Händel)
  • He shall feed his flock (Händel)
  • Holy Spirit, gift divine (Tchaikovsky)
  • Honour and majesty (Greene)
  • How beauteous are their feet (Stanford)
  • How beautiful upon the mountains (Stainer)
  • I am the bread of life (Rawsthorne)
  • I give you my hands, Lord (Tambling)
  • In an upper room (Chopin)
  • Incline thine ear (Himmel)
  • Jesu, joy of man’s desiring (Bach)
  • Jesu, the very thought of thee (Lloyd)
  • King of glory, King of peace (Marsh)
  • Laudate Dominum (Mozart)
  • Laudate Dominum (Pitoni)
  • Lay not up for yourselves (Dykes)
  • Lead me, Lord (Wesley)
  • Lead me, O Lord (Gant)
  • Let all the nations clap their hands (Tambling)
  • Lift up your heads (Händel)
  • Lift up your heads (Marsh)
  • Living God, I cry to you (Bach)
  • Lo! God is here (Moore)
  • Lord, I lift my hands to you (Beethoven)
  • Lord, I would serve you (Mahler)
  • Lord of all (Archer)
  • Lord of all hopefulness (Archer)
  • Lord of our fathers (Mawby)
  • Lord, we adore you (Mawby)
  • Love divine! (Lloyd)
  • Love of the Father (Lloyd)
  • My Jesus, O what weight of woe (Bach)
  • Non nobis (Gant)
  • Now is eternal life (Lloyd)
  • O for a closer walk (Stanford)
  • O for the wings (Mendelssohn)
  • O great, all-seeing God (Moore)
  • O Jesu, joy of loving hearts (Vann)
  • O King and desire of all nations (Stainer)
  • O leave me not, my everlasting God (Bach)
  • O Saviour of the world (Goss)
  • O Saviour of the world (Somervell)
  • O shout to the Lord in triumph (Tambling)
  • O taste and see (Goss)
  • O thou, the central orb (Wood)
  • On this mountain (Ridout)
  • Panis angelicus (Charpentier)
  • Panis angelicus (Franck)
  • Pie Jesu (Fauré)
  • Praise to God, immortal praise (Vann)
  • Proclaim the story (Charpentier)
  • Sing aloud, the day is breaking (Beethoven)
  • Sing praise to God (Lloyd)
  • Sing to God a song of gladness (Moore)
  • Speak peace (Bonighton)
  • Teach me, O Lord (Attwood)
  • The heavens are telling (Haydn)
  • The holy vine (Moore)
  • The will of God (Warren)
  • Thou visited the earth (Greene)
  • Thou will keep him in perfect peace (Wesley)
  • Thou, O God, art praised in Sion (Nixon)
  • Timeless love (Warren)
  • Tollite hostias (Saint-Saëns)
  • Turn thy face from my sins (Attwood)
  • Walking by faith (Marsh)
  • What praise, what glory (Fletcher)
  • When music wakes my sleeping heart (Bonighton)
  • Zadok the priest (Handel)


Samling med 100 anthems satta för SAB. Mycket omfattande med repertoar från barock till nutid. Del 1.







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