About Gehrmans

Gehrmans Musikförlag was founded in 1893 and is today one of the leading music publishers in Scandinavia. In the beginning, the twenty-year-old founder Carl Gehrman mainly worked with popular genres of the time.

In 1930 Carl Gehrmans Musikförlag was bought by Inge and Einar Rosenborg. Still, popular music was a cornerstone in the Company, but orchestral music became a part of core business as well. During the 1930's and 40's many of our times greatest composers, such as Lars-Erik Larsson, Hugo Alfvén and Dag Wirén, and their classic works were added to the company. Also choral music became an important genre of the repertoire.

In 1950 the Rosenborgs founded a Foundation to secure the Company's future. The Foundation is the main owner of the company and its tasks are to promote publication of valuable Swedish music and to support the Swedish Music scene through subsidies and scholarships.

During the 1950's Gehrmans added further educational materials to its roster, with Carl-Bertil Agnestig as the most prominent pedagogue. The concentration in choral, chamber and orchestral music continued together with educational material. Today Gehrmans represent many of the premier composers and music pedagogues in Sweden. Besides composers already mentioned, Gehrmans publish works by Erland von Koch, Daniel Börtz, Hans Eklund, Fredrik Högberg, Maurice Karkoff, Thomas Jennefelt and Nils Lindberg to name a few.

Gehrmans Today

In July 1999, a fusion of Gehrmans and Sveriges Körförbunds Förlag took place. As a result, the two most important choir catalogues are to be found at Gehrmans. In the catalogue from Sveriges Körförbund one find music by Ivar Widéen, Otto Olsson, and Gottfrid Berg to Bengt Hallberg and Georg Riedel.

Further expansion in the company's activities were carried out in 2007 when Gehrmans acquired the orchestral-, chamber- and choir music catalogues of Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia. Warner/Chappell Music's catalogue included the repertoire of Nordiska Musikförlaget with compositions by Allan Pettersson, Eduard Tubin, Ingvar Lidholm, Sven-David Sandström and Anders Eliasson among others. The Finnish catalogue of Warner/Chappell Music Finland, including Edition Fazer was also acquired and to manage this catalogue successfully a new company was founded in Finland; Fennica Gehrman OY. The subsidiary's task is to continue the co-operation with the leading Finnish composers and publish their new works.

The educational catalogue is continuously attractive, with tutors as Åse Söderqvist-Spering and others. Collaboration with Air Chrysalis Scandinavia and Universal Music Publishing has emphasized the width of the Gehrmans catalogue.

Through these acquisitions and changes Gehrmans