Anna Cederberg-Orreteg

As an arranger and composer, primarily of music for children and youth, Anna Cederberg-Orreteg has become very much appreciated by choir leaders and fellow music teachers.

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Born in Stockholm, she grew up in a musical environment – mother Eva was a piano teacher and father Ingvar was head master of the Stockholm Music School, where Anna got her first schooling. The instruments were piano and double bass. Anna started her first vocal group already as a twelve year old and the ensemble singing has since then continued in various combinations – including the a cappella group À la carte between 1988 and 1999. She has also been active as a choir leader and is a member of the Stockholm Cathedral Choir.

During all her time as a professional, Anna has composed and arranged music for the pupils, groups or ensembles, that she has been working with for the time being, which eventually has generated more commissions as the music has been spread by various publishing houses.

Anna now works halftime in school and devotes the rest of her time to writing. She also holds seminars and commits herself to education of music teachers or works with children’s or youth choirs.