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Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson is one of the most versatile Swedish composers and his rich output is widely spread. He is also an experienced guitarist and teacher and has been a tutor for many students in the young generation of Swedish guitarists.

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To start with Bo Hansson composed music in folk and jazz style. Since the early 90´s he has preferred to compose in a contemporary classical style. His first choral composition, "Som när handen" was awarded 1st prize in a 1993 national choral composition competition. Since that time he has composed many works for choir a capella as well as solo-, chamber- and orchestral music.

Bo is represented, both as composer, arranger and guitarist on several recordings. He is one of the most versatile Swedish composers. The songs for choir are wellknown and loved by many choirs and Bo Hansson's rich output is widely spread.
In 2005 his latest CD "Differences" was released. It´s a recording of choral, solo and chamber music works from the last ten years of his production.

As a guitarist, he often co-operates with other artists and ensembles, for example with the Dutch guitarist Eric Lammers in the "Lammers & Hansson Guitar duo".

Bo Hansson has together with the conductor Gary Graden worked with composition projects with children. Since 1980, he has taught guitar and chamber music at Södra Latin in Stockholm, a secondary school specialized in training future professional musicians. Several established guitarists have studied with Bo Hansson at Södra Latin.

Bo Hansson was born i Kalmar, Sweden. He studied guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and graduated in 1978. During many years he was a singer, guitarist and arranger in the well-known Swedish group "Skogsfiol & flöjt". They performed Swedish songs and folk music and made several recordings.

Bo Hansson is associated with FST (Society of Swedish Composers)
and SKAP (Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers).