Halvor Haug

There is no doubt that Haug´s music is firmly rooted in the Nordic symphonic tradition; from these roots has grown a musical world full of strong emotion, drama and intellect, reflecting the composers personality, feelings, temperament, courage, strength and originality.

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"I am so old-fashioned that I write symphonies". Halvor Haug is supposed to have said that once, somewhat ironically. His masterly orchestration is much revered; Halvor Haug has the ability to make use of post-war compositional techniques, incorporating modernistic elements in music of a more traditional flavour. Haug´s music can therefore really be looked at as innovative, and does not lend itself to being characterized as part of the present neo-romantic trend in contemporary music. He is, however, often described as being a romantic composer of our time.

Halvor Haug has so far composed five symphonies as well as a number of other orchestral works. Though he has the reputation of being a symphonist, he has also composed excellent chamber music including a piano trio and two string quartets.