Bo Linde

The translucence of his melodies and the liveliness and distinct contours of his pieces have made Bo Linde a highly respected and much loved composer. His conscientious working approach was always aimed at achieving a solid but at the same time spontaneously accessible result.

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Born in Gävle on 1st January 1933, died there on 2nd October 1970. His first music teachers, while he was still at school, were Eric Bengtsson and
May Bökman. Later on Linde came to study composition with Lars-Erik Larsson at the State Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1948. He studied conducting in Vienna in 1953-1954. He taught the theory of music at the Stockholm Citizens’ School 1957-1960 and subsequently worked mainly in Gävle as a composer, pianist and music reviewer for the Gefle Dagblad Newspaper. 

A relaxed, fresh elegance was the leitmotiv of his approach to music, but this is not to say that his moods are invariably carefree. Quiet reflection and melancholy radiate from his mode of expression without ever going to the extreme of dismal gloom. This happiness at coming to terms with the potentialities of the musical craft invests his compositions with the dual character of inspiration and thorough knowledge. He composed in classically conceived forms with moderate thematic development, a conversation in the relationship between dignified melodies and other, more boisterously conceived phrases.

Hans-Gunnar Peterson
Source: STIM / Swedish Music Information Centre

Selected works:

    • En munter ouvertyr (A Merry Ouverture)
    • Konsert för violin och orkester (Concerto for Violin)
    • Piensieri sopra un cantio vecchio
    • Suite Boulogne