Peter Lindroth
Peter Lindroth

Peter Lindroth

Music has to come from within and it must express as well as arouse thoughts and emotions.
For many years I’ve worked as a musician and a composer in different traditions. I find it very hard to put values, high or low, on all those musical impressions. It’s all music that I’ve been working with, that’s all, says Peter Lindroth.

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Peter Lindroth was born 1950 in Norrköping where he was student at the music school from 1960.
The first pop group, The Hippopotamuses 1965, was the start of a music career leading through youth centres, pop clubs, night clubs, pubs, folk parks, theatres, studios etc.

His commenced studies at the Gothenburg University College of Music in 1973,  and finished in Stockholm 1979 with a Master’s degree. He then worked as a freelance musician, solo artist and producer.

Peter Lindroth had private tuition with composer Sven-David Sandström and studied composition at a diploma level at the Stockholm Royal College of Music 1989-93.