Post Hannover 2021


In several reading sessions, workshops and concerts, music from Gehrmans was presented.

During four days in September, the focus at was on choir singing with special focus on Scandinavian choral music and choral tradition.

▶HERE you'll find a selection of our music that was presented at
▶HERE is our main site for #swedishchoralmusic and ▶HERE is the music presented in our webshop.

For those in place could visit the joint Swedish MPA (Musikförläggarna) stand and digest in the music we had on dipslay, or visit a few of the reading sessions, workshops or concerts presenting music from Gehrmans:

We hope you get inspired and find music from us that you can perform in coming concerts and projects.
Some of the music is recorded and can be listened to on CDs or platforms such as Spotify or equivalent!

With best wishes from the Gehrmans' team.