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Gehrmans' previous site

New website for Gehrmans Musikförlag


Not recognizing us? We are still the same music publishing house – Gehrmans Musikförlag – but in a new suit!

For a very long time now we have been working on the new web site for Gehrmans Musikförlag, and now it has finally arrived!

We have developed an advanced filtering system in order to make it easy for you to find the music you are looking for. Narrow your search results down with these filters, or just browse through our catalogue using them. Start by choosing a category at the top of the site. 

In order to make a purchase you need to log in. The first time you place an order on our new site you need to register – you will be encouraged to do this when you arrive to checkout. One of the advantages with this method is that your order will be handled automatically, that means even faster than previously when all orders were handled manually.

Even though we've been testing a lot and have tried to find all possible errors on the site, you might find things that aren't working as they are supposed to. Almost all new sites have some problems. We are working continously to improve the site, and you are welcome to share your thoughts with us.

In early 2011 we will launch yet another site: Gehrmans News. It will be a news site about the music we publish and the composers and creators behind it. 

Welcome to your new and improved source of Swedish music!