nkoda now also with Gehrmans' chamber music


nkoda is a brand new app for sheet music. We started with orchestral music and have now followed up with chamber music. Bit by bit you will find more and more of Gehrmans' music in this library along with music from the world's largest publishers.

nkoda is a subscription service where you'll find music from most of the largest publishers worldwide. This is the Spotify for sheet music. You'll reach all music within the service as long as you're a subscription holder. Since earlier we've made available over 200 orchestral works from Gehrmans, and now you also find lots of chamber music. As an orchestral musican you can practice your part prior to a performance, and the musican as well as the conductor can reach the score easily. With this app, it's made possible for an orchestra to have a hire-fee-licens for a concert and play from approved digital scores.

You'll find more and more sheet music from Gehrmans from time to time. Keep your eyes open!

This is how nkoda describes the service:

About us – nkoda will transform the way musicians around the world learn and make music together. It is the first and only publisher-supported subscription service for digital sheet music.

nkoda provides access to the widest library of music, parts, tabs and educational material – every genre, every instrument, for everyone, from absolute beginners to the pros. Marking-up and annotating has never been so simple and intuitive, but you can now save securely and share with your friends and colleagues, wherever they are.

With over 30+ million licensed pages (and growing), we're transforming access to 500 years of music for 420 million musicians globally.