Albert Schnelzer in front of Royal Albert Hall

Success for Schnelzer at Proms


“Enjoyable, witty, smart and talented. An exceptional flair for orchestral virtuosity.” The UK premiere of Albert Schnelzer’s A Freak in Burbank at Proms was nothing but a huge success, not least with the audience that cheered and gave Schnelzer a standing ovation when he took his bow on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Albert Schnelzer’s sparkling concert opener A Freak in Burbank made great success at the BBC Proms in Royal Albert Hall on 23 August. Conducted by Thomas Dausgaard the Swedish Chamber Orchestra made a highly inspired performance after which Albert Schnelzer took his bow on stage in front of the enthusiastic audience.

The performance also received rave reviews in British press:

The Swedish composer Albert Schnelzer is little known in the UK, but A Freak in Burbank may change that…the restlessly busy, witty, lightly-scored music lives in an imaginative world of its own.
Financial Times 25.8. / Richard Fairman

The piece reveals an exceptional flair for orchestral virtuosity on the part of its composer.
The Guardian 24.8. / Tim Ashley

This is a smart, likeable showpiece from a talented composer.
The Independent 29.8. / Anna Picard

Telescoping as many ideas into its nine minutes as John Adams would stretch out for a full symphony, it combines ear-friendliness with the adrenalin-busting energy of a fairground ride.
Intermezzo 26.8.

Schnelzer’s A Freak in Burbank was hugely enjoyable. …Schnelzer’s compositional voice seems both individual and assured.
Classical 24.8. / Alexander Campbell