Privacy Policy

At Gehrmans Musikförlag AB, we are very concerned about your safety and ensure that the personal data we hold about you is treated according to the regulations in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below are the guidelines that we use to protect your personal data. Please read them carefully

Gehrmans’ guidelines for the protection of personal data

Gehrmans respects the privacy of your personal data. At our company, we collect, store or use your personal data solely for specific purposes. We use your personal data to support and improve our relationship with you, for example to fulfil our part of our joint agreement, provide you with service and support, as well as to inform you about product and service offerings. We never sell your personal data and only disclose your personal data to companies outside Gehrmans with your consent. We protect your personal data by taking appropriate security measures and using reliable processes and technical solutions.

Information that Gehrmans collects about you

Gehrmans only requests personal information that is necessary for the intended processing. We ask you for information that allows us to manage our joint agreement, improve your visit to any of our websites, meet requests for information and support our customer relationships.

Gehrmans may collect information if:

  • you register on home pages that belong to Gehrmans
  • you request price information for products and/or services
  • you enter into an agreement on products and/or services
  • you provide feedback through an online survey or phone survey
  • you take part in promotional offerings
  • you subscribe to a newsletter
  • this is necessary for your registration to meet legal requirements
  • you contact us via IVR and SMS
  • you contact customer service
  • you provide personal data in connection with events and trade fairs, etc.
  • you send letters and e-mails


The legal basis for Gehrmans’ processing of personal data is primarily the conclusion of an agreement. Typically, a purchase agreement is concluded, but it may also be a cooperation agreement, for example.

If you require further restrictions to be applied to the use of your personal data than what is specified in these guidelines, please submit these restrictions in writing to Gehrmans’ Data Protection Officer. 

Gehrmans only uses your personal information for specific purposes.
Information that you supply us with is always processed for specific purposes in accordance with the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION.

Gehrmans mainly collects and processes data for the following categories of purposes, or other purposes permitted by applicable law.

  • To provide you with information and fulfil our part of our joint agreement
  • To improve our information, products and services
  • For statistical purposes
  • For customer contact
  • For information and marketing purposes of business areas and companies within our group or holding companies, as well as partners of our group.

Occasions when Gehrmans forwards your personal information

Your information may be forwarded to various organisational units within Gehrmans or holding companies, agents or subcontractors who carry out services on behalf of Gehrmans. In these cases, Gehrmans will make such adjustments that the information is only used in connection with the activities that the organisations carry out on behalf of Gehrmans, and that all information is processed according to the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION.

Gehrmans may disclose your personal information to the extent permitted or required by applicable law, if we are ordered to do so by a competent court of law or authority, or to ensure that we comply with our statutory obligations.

Gehrmans will not forward your personal information for the promotion of external organisations without your permission.

Personal information about you (e.g. name, address and telephone number) or information about your orders and the products you have bought will not be transmitted or sold to external organisations, e.g. for use in marketing or to contact you, without your permission.


Gehrmans does not keep personal data longer than necessary. When the personal data has not been needed for approximately 2 years, it is deleted. This also applies when a question has been answered or when a contractual relationship has ended and the partners’ dealings have been terminated. The data may however in some cases be saved thereafter, e.g. for statistical or accounting purposes.

Your rights

You have the right to, once a year and upon written request within 4 weeks of receipt, receive information about what kind of personal information we hold about you, the purposes for which we use the information, possible recipients of such information and who these recipients are.
Upon your written request, Gehrmans will, within 4 weeks of receipt, correct, delete and/or discontinue further processing of the information if it proves to be inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant for the purpose of the processing.

The written request, via letter or e-mail, should be sent to Gehrmans’ Data Protection Officer.

Gehrmans Musikförlag AB
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Changes to the personal data provisions

If changes are made to Gehrmans’ provisions on the processing of personal data, it will be communicated on this page. The provisions may change if legislation changes, for instance. However, if the processing of personal data is governed by an agreement with the customer, the terms of the agreement apply until they are amended, unless they are incompatible with applicable law or any other legally binding provision.

Third party websites

Note that other websites, including those available through our site, e.g. via a hyper link, may collect personal information about you. Our guidelines for confidentiality and the processing of your personal data do not cover information collection by third party websites that are linked to from Gehrmans’ website.