Order of Hire Material

For orders and inquiries regarding hire material you'll either visit Zinfonia or contact our representatives in your country. If you need further assistance, or if you cannot find any representatives in your country, please contact the hire library at Gehrmans Musikförlag.

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Zinfonia combines information direct from many of the world´s largest hire/rental and sale catalogues into one place.

Registered Zinfonia useres can:

  • Quickly locate and display information and links for thousands of composers, titles and publishers
  • Communicate directly with your local distributor to ask questions, receive quots or to place and order
  • Use the My Catalogue section to keep the results of your searches together in one place
  • Keep all of your orders together and receive automatic status updates direct from Zinfonia Connect publisher systems

Registration is required to access many of these services. Click HERE to register (registration is free).

Please note that what is described above is for products on hire only. For products on sale, place your order directly in our webshop.