15 Pieces Arranged for Organ

Wirén, Dag

Dag Wirén's music arranged by Robert Gower.

15 Pieces Arranged for Organ

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Title collection

Little Serenade for Guitar solo
I. Marcia
II. Preludium
III. Solo
V. Duo
String Quartet No. 3
II. Andante
Absent Friend (Annorstädes vals)
Symphony No. 3
II. Adagio
Serenade for Strings
IV. Marcia
Romantic Suite (The Merchant of Venice)
V. Portia’s Castle Orchestra
Ironical Miniatures
I. Upbeat
II. Etude
III. Promenade
IV. Walz
V. End
Oscarsbalen – Ballet Suite
IV. Promenade

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Gower, Robert






Instrument & Ensemble, classical, organ


Wirén, Dag

“Honest, straight to the point, balanced but uncompromising - such was the personality of the Swedish composer Dag Wirén. The same can be said of his music: it never tries to be anything but itself, it addresses the listener directly, it obeys unswervingly its own laws.”

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