Arctic Yule & Arctic Elements

Emanuelsson, Ulrika

Nordic sounds with elements of yoik and rhythmic improvisations.

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Arctic Yule & Arctic Elements

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Arctic Yule is a medley of Swedish Christmas songs that can be performed alone or together with Arctic Elements. This song is composed for a female ensemble named Arctic Light and the lyric came through a workshop with this ensemble, and later put together by Susanna Lindmark, conductor of the ensemble.

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Voice parts

SSAA a cappella




Kör, secular, Swedish, English, SSA adult, choir, , a cappella, christmas, improvisation, Medium


Emanuelsson, Ulrika

Ulrika Emanuelsson is a Swedish composer, singer and conductor. She has received international acclaim for her choral compositions, including awards at the Sacred Music Festival in New York and Cambridge Madrigal Singers in Boston, USA.

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