Hear the voice of the bard

Sandström, Sven-David

Text: William Blake. För mezzo, manskör och orgel.

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Hear the voice of the bard

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Text: Introduction from Songs of Experience. a large part of the work has an explicit character of growing: from the deep pianisssmo of the organ and the second bass to the powerful dazzling fortissimo chords. The mezzo part is more softly melodiuos, and the choral setting, although dominated by the harmonic progress, also has sections which are more rhythmic in character.

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Blake, William

Voice parts

Mz, TTBB, org




Kör, secular, English, Male Choir, organ, choir, Medium


Sandström, Sven-David

No composer has made such an impression on contemporary Swedish musical life as Sven-David Sandström. His catalogue of works, which includes some 300 compositions, gives proof not only of an impressive productivity, but also contains an amazingly wide range: everything from magnificent operas and oratorios to intimate choral and chamber music.

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