Limu limu lima

Klockar, Anna-Karin

The Darlecarlian Klockar conveys this ancient melody from Älvdalen in a quiet, beautiful arrangement with the scent of Alfvén's folk tones.

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Limu limu lima

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Klockar comes from Orsa and spent the summers in a mountain pasture where her grandmother used to herding call. She had heard Limu limu lima many times growing up. Someone told Klockar that it was sung by Hanser Lina Göransson, who was seen in Orsa's musical life when Klockar was a teenager.

Göransson was Alfvén's main soloist in the Siljan choir and later became an opera singer at the Royal Opera and debuted in Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana/På Sicilien with Jussi Björling.

It is unclear where the melody comes from. Limu limu lima can be a folk song from Älvdalen, a herd song or a Maria song. There are several places called Lima both outside Leksand and in Western Dalecarlia.

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Kör, secular, Swedish, SATB, a cappella, Medium


Klockar, Anna-Karin

Anna-Karin earned her degree in composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1985, after studying with Lars-Erik Rosell, Daniel Börtz, Arne Mellnäs, Bengt-Arne Wallin, and Per-Gunnar Alldahl. After she completed her studies, Anna-Karin moved to Rome, where she worked for 25 years in classical, folk, and commercial music genres. She has taught piano, organ, and cello, and has conducted choirs in both Italy and Sweden. Much of Klockar's work in Italy was in the film and television industry, where she collaborated with Luis Bacalov, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Zambrini, Pino Donaggio, and Maurizio Abeni. Recently, Anna-Karin has returned to live in Falun, in the Swedish region of Dalarna. In 2014, she won the Swedish Church's composition award with her Missa Dalecarliensis, and in 2016 her work Speeches won the Allmänna Sången & Anders Wall Composition Award. She has also won the POLYPHONOS competition in 2017.

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