Sånger ur jorden

Songs from the Earth

Rehnqvist, Karin

Two songs for treble choir/women's choir

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Sånger ur jorden


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Two songs for treble choir/women's choir.
Also set for mixed choir a cappella See ER103666

Karin Rehnqvist tells us about Natt över jorden:

At night, when everything is quiet around us, our hearing is more sensitive. We have to sing or speak more carefully, a little weaker, and with a different attitude:
"Now it is night over the earth trembling star shines…"
I wrote this piece first for children's choir. It begins with a folk music-mannered simple melody in canon. Then a second part comes along, a swaying ostinato. It is repeated over and over again.
The earth, night above the earth …
The night, the stars, the darkness, the humus. The poem contains such beautiful evocative words about our reality and our common journey in the universe.
- - -
Now it is night over the earth.
Trembling star, shine!
The worlds wander so far.
The darkness is without limit.
The ground and the humus and the darkness,
why do i love them?
The stars wander so far.
Earth is man's home

- Erik Blomberg

Title collection

  • Natt över jorden/Night on Our Earth
  • Var inte rädd för mörkret/Do not Fear the Darkness

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Erik Blomberg/Linda Schenck

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Kör, children, Swedish, English, SSA adult, SSA children, a cappella


Rehnqvist, Karin

One of the most frequently performed Swedish composers on the international scene, Karin Rehnqvist works in the borderland between folk music and art music. She has integrated the ancient female singing technique called ”kulning” (herding calls) into a deeply personal and unique tone language which has made her music an innovative contribution to the repertoire in the fields of chamber, orchestra and vocal music worldwide. In 2009, she was appointed the first female professor of composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and she was one of the founders of The Association of Swedish Women Composers.

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