Klockar, Anna-Karin

The winner of Allmänna Sången & Anders Wall Composition Award 2016 – Speeches by Anna-Karin Klockar, for SATB a cappella.

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The composition encompass three pieces of distinguished atmosphere with lyrics from three historical speeches. The jury's motivation:

“The winner masters to combine a brilliant selection of texts and mirrors them in three distinctive parts in a clear and fascinating way to form a comprehensive and contextual whole. Throughout the piece, and its rich composition techniques, the winner consistently uses the texts in an imaginative as well as humorous way. The composer creates atmospheric expressions by using syllables, especially in the ending of words, in a musically formidable manner. The composition is beautifully crafted and is a testament of the composer’s professional appreciation of all voices and its ranges. The three very different parts are dramatic, humorous, and suspenseful in their simplicity, as well as exciting in their communication between the voices, the choir and the audience.”

Speeches consists of three parts, The Rights of Woman, Surrender Speech, and The Best Friend. The first part is based on an extract from Olympe de Gouges' "Declaration of the Rights of Woman" that she wrote in Paris 1791. de Gouges' devotion to women's rights led to her execution by the guillotine in November 1793. The second part is based on Chief Joseph's surrender speech to General Nelson in Montana Territory on 5 October, 1877. Chief Joseph was the leader of the native Indians – Nez Perce. The third part is based on George Graham Vest's speech "A man's best friend". The speech was his closing arguments during a trial in Warrensburg, Missouri on 23 September 1870, when he was representing a man who sued another for killing his dog.

Anna-Karin Klockar is a Swedish composer. After studies in Arranging/Composing at Royal College of Music in Stockholm Sweden, Klockar moved to Rome, Italy, where she worked as a composer and arranger in production of movies and television. Then she returned to Sweden and won 2014 the Church of Sweden´s composition award with “Missa Dalecarliensis”, which was premiered the same year. She has been appointed to compose in various genres: choir as well as orchestral pieces.

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O. de Gouges/Hinmuuttu-yalatlat (Chief Joseph)/G Graham Vest

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SATB div a cappella




Kör, classical, secular, English, SATB, choir, a cappella, Advanced


Klockar, Anna-Karin

Anna-Karin earned her degree in composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1985, after studying with Lars-Erik Rosell, Daniel Börtz, Arne Mellnäs, Bengt-Arne Wallin, and Per-Gunnar Alldahl. After she completed her studies, Anna-Karin moved to Rome, where she worked for 25 years in classical, folk, and commercial music genres. She has taught piano, organ, and cello, and has conducted choirs in both Italy and Sweden. Much of Klockar's work in Italy was in the film and television industry, where she collaborated with Luis Bacalov, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Zambrini, Pino Donaggio, and Maurizio Abeni. Recently, Anna-Karin has returned to live in Falun, in the Swedish region of Dalarna. In 2014, she won the Swedish Church's composition award with her Missa Dalecarliensis, and in 2016 her work Speeches won the Allmänna Sången & Anders Wall Composition Award. She has also won the POLYPHONOS competition in 2017.

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