Sweet Spring

Three spring pieces for mixed choir a cappella

Mellnäs, Arne

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Sweet Spring


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Three poems in Mellnäs' humorous, modernistic and harsh beautiful setting. Composed for Gunnar Eriksson on his 60th birthday.
All three movements from a concert in Yale with ensemble cantissimo can be seen on Youtube.

Title collection

I. Sweet Spring, text Thomas Nashe (1567-1601)
II. Elegiac Sonnet (written at the close of spring), text Charlotte Smith (1749-1806)
III. O the sun, text e e cummings (1894-1962)

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Nashe, Thomas/Smith, Charlotte/ cummings, e e

Voice parts

SATB div a cappella




Kör, English, SATB, Advanced


Mellnäs, Arne

The important position that Arne Mellnäs holds as a technical innovator and introducer of avant-garde styles to Swedish music can hardly be overestimated. The breadth of his understanding of the capabilities of different instruments is quite astonishing. The results of his explorative energy during the expansive 1960s crystallized into a personal musical language full of diverse moods.

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