When I close my eyes I dream of peace - full version

Rehnqvist, Karin

Karin Rehnqvist calls this piece a peace project. A dream of peace in many languages that expresses a desire most people carry. For SATB a cappella.

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When I close my eyes I dream of peace - full version

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Anonymous Croatian boy

Voice parts

SATB div a cappella




Kör, classical, secular, Swedish, English, Finnish, Greek, China, Russian, Spanish, German, SATB, choir, a cappella, Advanced


Rehnqvist, Karin

One of the most frequently performed Swedish composers on the international scene, Karin Rehnqvist works in the borderland between folk music and art music. She has integrated the ancient female singing technique called ”kulning” (herding calls) into a deeply personal and unique tone language which has made her music an innovative contribution to the repertoire in the fields of chamber, orchestra and vocal music worldwide. In 2009, she was appointed the first female professor of composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and she was one of the founders of The Association of Swedish Women Composers.

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