Åtta Barfotasånger - Partitur

Pettersson, Allan

Åtta Barfotasånger - Partitur

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Dorati, Antal



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Nordiska Musikförlaget


Orkester & Scen, classical, Swedish, Solo + Orchestra, voice


Pettersson, Allan

Sixteen completed symphonies and the symphonically conceived concertos for violin and viola make Allan Pettersson (1911-1980) one of Sweden’s foremost 20th century symphonists. With its direct appeal and powerful imagery, Allan Pettersson’s music belongs to a Scandinavian tradition with Carl Nielsen and Jean Sibelius as the leading names, but his temperament is more intense and the conflicts in his music more bitter. Allan Pettersson’s music has also been choreographed and used in films and television documentaries.

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