Wilhelm Stenhammar 150th anniversary!

On February 7, 1871, Wilhelm “Sten” Stenhammar was born, one of our greatest Swedish composers and musical personalities, both then and now. His music is played, sung and loved like never before. To celebrate Stenhammar, we have selected some works to be inspired by – and to ad on that , stylish durable cotton fabric bags with his music on!
▷ In addition to the selection below, you will find more of his music ▶HERE in our webstore.

Stenhammar wrote his first songs as a teenager, as a twenty-year-old he toured around Europe as a soloist in his own piano concerto (No. 1), as chief conductor he accomplished to make the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra one of Europe's best orchestras and invited his composer friends Nielsen and Sibelius to conduct their own works with the orchestra.
His own music is colored by the sensitivity and the warmth of the Romantic, but in a strictly classical tradition. He called his Lieder "songs" and few composers come closer to the poetry than he does. The piano music is thrilling and the symphonies intimate. There is a lot to discover!
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