Tubin (ETCW)

The International Tubin Society and Gehrmans Musikförlag have signed an agreement to publish Eduard Tubin's Complete Works (ETCW).

The publication started in 2008 and the work consists of 33 volumes divided into seven series, according to genre and setting of the works included. The series are as follows:

  • Serie I - Symphonies and Other Orchestral Works (8 volumes)                                                            
  • Serie II - Concertos and Other Works for Solo Instruments and Orchestra  (7 volumes)
  • Serie III - Large Vocal Works and Works for Voice and Orchestra (2 volumes)
  • Serie IV - Works for Piano (2 volumes)
  • Serie V - Chamber Music (4 volumes)
  • Serie VI - Choral and Solo Songs (3 volumes)
  • Serie VII - Dramatic Works and Incidental Music (7 volumes)

The publication is published in Estonian and English, with a general preface to each volume, followed by an introduction providing a historical overview of the works featured in the volume. A brief biography and photograph of the composer is also included along with facsimiles of the composer’s manuscripts. In ETCW, each work is published in accordance with the composer’s last finished manuscript or an edition published during the composer’s lifetime. Approximately two volumes per year are published.

Presentation: Blue cloth binding

Format: orchestral scores A3 (25x35 cm), chamber music B4 (23x32 cm), choral works A4 (21x30 cm)

Terms and conditions

Apply as a subsciber by filling in the form which can be downloaded as a pdf, or acquired from Gehrmans Musikförlag (tel +46 (0)8 610 06 00 or email hire@gehrmans.se). The subscription is valid until further notice and must be cancelled in writing only. You will automatically receive all previously released volumes (at present seven volumes). If you wish to receive only future volumes, please specify this on the form.

As a subscriber you will receive a 20% discount on the ordinary price of each volume. The price of each volume for you as a subscriber will vary between approximately 100-140 EUR, excluding VAT. Postage and packing will be added.

1- 2 volumes will be published each year, normally in April and October.

Invoice will be sent with each delivery. Payment shall be made within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice. Possible bank charges will be paid by the subscriber.