In her video greeting, Cecilia Rydinger, Conductor of the Month #3 of 2020, tells us why she loves Kung Liljekonvalje

Gehrmans Music Publishing 💛 Swedish choral music = #swedishchoralmusic

The tradition of the "Swedish choral miracle" continues! Gehrmans has published Swedish choral music since 1893. #swedishchoralmusic is our way of sharing our knowledge and passion for it. #swedishchoralmusic is a series of portraits: of choral pieces, composers and conductors. 

Did you see the films of 2018, where Professor Anders Eby and his Mikaeli Chamberchoir interpreted twelve little gems of Swedich choral music that we wanted to share with you? Or read the interviews with the choral composers of 2019? It's all in the meny on the left hand side. 

In 2020, we meet some of the conductors who make the Swedish choral music come to life.

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