Gehrmans 💛 Mikaeli = #svenskkörmusik

Do you love Swedish choral music like we do?

We have been publishing Swedish Choral Music since New Zealand introduced female voting rights (Yes, first country in the world to do so - in 1893!). In the 125 years since then Swedish Choral Music has evolved and expanded and we are proud to be part of this rich tradition. As a part of our celebrations for our 125th anniversary in 2018, we are launching the project #swedishchoralmusic. In collaboration with Mikaeli Chamber Choir and its conductor, professor Anders Eby, we record twelve short films about choral pieces we love. On every last Sunday of the month during 2018 we will release a film on social media  - #swedishchoralmusic - and on our websites ( and

Would you like to join us? If you like the films on the Facebook pages of Gehrmans or Mikaeli Chamber Choir, you will have the chance to win two tickets for our Jubilee Concert in Stockholm on the 13th of October, or a gift card for a dinner for two worth 1.000 SEK (close to you if you are not in Stockholm). If you like our Facebook pages, you will of course get a notification when each film is released.

We hope to start a conversation about Swedish choral music with you and others who love it, that will continue far beyond 2018...



The project is funded by Inge and Einar Rosenborg’s Foundation for Swedish Music.