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Swedish choral music is unique. We are proud to be part of its rich tradition since 1893, when we started publishing choral music. The series #swedishchoralmusic is our way of sharing our passion for, and knowledge of, Swedish choral music. It started in 2018 as a part of the celebrations for our 125th year. We made 12 films where internationally renowned Professor Anders Eby and his Mikaeli Chamberchoir interpreted twelve little gems of Swedich choral music. In 2019, we asked some composers to share their veiw of choral music. In 2020, we meet some of the conductors who make the Swedish choral music come to life.

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SWEDISH CHORAL MUSIC FEATURED IN THE SERIES (composers in alphabetical order)

Valborg AULIN (1860–1928) Min lycka varade så kort / Lysen stjärnor (1893) Valborg Aulin was the featured composer of the Gehrmans Music Publishing 125th anniversary (founded in 1893).Text: unknown. SATB a cappella, easy/medium. Film, oct 2018
Sven-Eric BÄCK (1919–1994) Utrannsaka mig (1970) One of the greatest Swedish modernists, friends with legendary conductor Eric Ericson. Text: Ps 23-24. SATB a cappella, advanced level. Film, nov 2018
Anna CEDERBERG-ORRETEG (1958-) Staden vaknar. Canon for three voices to a text by the composer's sister. With piano. Easy level. Composer of the Month 2019
  Two poems by Tomas Tranströmer Ansikte mot ansikte and Minnena ser mig are commissioned by internationally renowned Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir. SATB divisi. In Swedish. Medium-avancerad level. Composer of the Month 2019
  Dona nobis pacem  A lovely, eight part version of the hymn. For female or children's choir, SSSSAAAA. Medium level. Composer of the Month 2019
Ulrika EMANUELSSON (1965-) Där livet klingar ut For SATB divisi and percussion, to a text by Swedish writer and Secretary-General of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld. Medium/advanced level. In Swedish, with phonetic transcription. Composer of the Month 2019
  Arctic Yule & Arctic Elements Dreamy medley of Swedish Christmas songs and yoiks with rhythmical improvisations. SSAA a cappella. Medium level. Composer of the Month 2019
  Dans på kraterns rand (Dancing on the Crater’s Edge)

Suite for many voices. Text: B Hansson, T Tranströmer, A Rydstedt, L Sjögren. SSAATTBB, percussion, toy piano. Advanced level.

Conductor of the Month chooses... (2020)
Gabriella GULLIN (1961-) Tyst är det rum, from Tre Miniatyrer (Three Miniatures 1994)

Text Nobel Prize laureate Pär Lagerkvist. SATB a cappella, medium level

Film, Feb 2018
Knut HÅKANSON (1887-1929) Våhr-Wijsa (Spring song 1929) from Four Madrigals Text Lars Wivallius (1605-1669). SATB a cappella, easy/medium level. Film ,May 2018
Thomas JENNEFELT (1954-) Bön, from Five Motets. Heartfelt prayer dedicated to Jennefelt's mother. Lyrical and meditative and with Jennefelt's unmistakable sense of sound. SATB a cappella, medium level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Warning to the rich A modern classic, and the first of Jennefelt's many expressive and dramatic choral works. SATB double choir with baryton solo. Medium level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Dichterliebe (I-X) Robert Schumanns setting of Heines poems inspired Jennefelt, who uses very different means of expression. Commissioned by the Swedish Radiochoir. SATB divisi. Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
Sven-Eric JOHANSON (1919-1997) Åtta visor Eight innovative settings of Swedish folk tunes from 1954.  Gunnar Eriksson, Choral Conductor of the Month, May 2020
Anna-Karin KLOCKAR (1960-) Speeches Winner of the 2016 AWCA competition for female composers. Three speeches put to music in a theatrical manner. SATB, advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Forever Hurts Swedish poet Karin Boye’s beautiful text set to music for SATB. Commissioned by the American ensemble Esoterics and their artistic leader Eric Banks. SATB, advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Aftonbön (Evening Prayer) A simple, lovely setting of another Karin Boye poem. In Swedish. (SATB, easy level. Composer of the Month, 2019
Lars-Erik LARSSON (1908-1986) A God Disguised (Förklädd gud)

Perhaps the most well-known Swedish choral work. Text: Hjalmar Gullberg. For soprano, baritone, reciter, mixed chorus and orchestra.

Conductor of the Month chooses... (2020)
Jerker LEIJON (1954–2009) Bortom berg och mörka vatten from Hjalmar Gullberg-svit (1989) Gentle and beatufiul a cappella hymn. Text: Hjalmar Gullberg. In Swedish. SATB a cappella, medel. Film, Dec 2018
Olle LINDBERG (1967-) Consolation Mass/Mässa till tröst Sheer and beautiful mass for SATB, children's choir and solo violin. Swedish/latin or English/latin. Medium-easy level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Missa Nordica Eight part a cappella mixed choir. Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Credo A grand credo for SATB divisi, trumpets, trombones and organ. Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
Hildor LUNDVIK (1885-1951) Verlaine-Stämning (1937) Inspired by Paul Verlaine's French poem Il pleure dans mon coeur. Text Vilhelm Ekelund. Film, March 2018
Åke MALMFORS (1918-1951) Månsken (Moonlight) (1943) Swedish choral music with a touch of French impressionism. Text: Bo Bergman. SATB a cappella, medum/advanced level. Film, July 2018
Jacob MÜHLRAD (1991-) Time A meditation of our time in 27 languages. Co-commissioned by the Swedish Radiochoir, WDR Rundfunkchor, Tapiola Chamber Choir and Capella San Franscisco. SATB a cappella, advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Skall inte finnas mer A wish for an existence without death, grief and pain, from the Book of Revelations. In Swedish. Mixed choir and strings, medium level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Anim zemirot Grand with beautiful harmonies. In hebrew, from the Jewish service. Recorded by the Swedish Radiochoir for label Universal. Three version: mixed choir (medium level), reduced version (easy-medium level), femail choir (medium level). Composer of the Month, 2019
Gösta NYSTROEM (1890-1966) Havsdagrar och molnflockar from Golfiner (1966) Suggestive and atmospheric about the tropical ocean landscapes. Text: Claes E. Claeson. In Swedish. SATB a cappella, advanced level. Film, Sep 2018
Karin REHNQVIST (1957-) Haya! Song to the joy of Day We greet the dawn in a fonetic language invented by the composer. A jubilant piece, often used as a concert encore. Commissioned by the Swedish Radio and Berwaldhallen (Swedish Radio Concert Hall) for the Eric Ericson Award for young conductors in 2009. SATB divisi, a capella. Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Songs from the Earth  (Night on our Earth and Do not fear the Darkness) Karin Rehnqvist's beloved settings of Swedish poet Erik Blomberg, for descant choir. SSA, easy level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Songs from the North Karin Rehnqvist writes: "Those who sing and dance together does not make war." Texts by indigenous peoples of Greenland and Alaska meet elements of Swedish folk music in herding calls, "kulning". SATB + 1-3 soloists, a capella, medium/advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
Sven-David SANDSTRÖM (1942-2019) Hear my prayer, o Lord (H Purcell/S-D Sandström) Sandström takes over where Purcell's music ends and makes it his own, with his characteristic tremolo. Perhaps Sandström's most famous choir piece. SSAATTBB a cappella (medium level). Composer of the Month, 2019
  In paradisum Beautiful choral harmonies to renaissance words from the Requiem mass. SMzATBarB a cappella (medium level). Composer of the Month, 2019
  Lobet den Herrn (Motet nr 1) After JS Bach's model, Sandström has composed six motets to the same words as the baroque master. For double choir a cappella (advanced level). Composer of the Month, 2019
Agneta SKÖLD (1947-) There is no rose Much loved setting of the medieval text, often performed throughout the world. SATB (medium level) a cappella.. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Requiem Agneta Skölds 30 minutes long Requiem from 2015 is a deeply felt, beautiful and skilfully composed work in seven movements. For SATB (medium level), soprano solo and organ. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Sanctus A lively and spiritual Sanctus for female voices, where every voice has its own melody and individuality. SSAA with piano accompaniment. Composer of the Month, 2019
Mattias SKÖLD (1976-) We know not where the dragons fly Text by 14th Century Chinese poet Liu Ji. Rhythmical and humorous. In Chinese. SSATB a cappella, medium/advanced level. Film, Jan 2018
Lille Bror SÖDERLUNDH (1912-1957) Fritt och ljust and Sov min själ from Three Madrigals to words by Gunnar Björling. Choral songs by a composer who was immensely popular in Sweden as a singer-songwriter. To words by composer's friend, Finnish poet Gunnar Björling. SATB a cappella, medium/advanced. Film, June 2018
Wilhelm STENHAMMAR (1871-1927) Vårnatt/Lenznacht (1912) One of the most well-known and loved Swedish romantic spring songs. Text Oscar Levertin. SATB divisi a cappella + piano, medium level Film, April 2018
Ann-Sofi SÖDERQVIST (1956–) What is life? (2014) Groovy and filosophical by jazz band leader and flugel horn player Söderqvist. Text: Malin Hülphers (1964–). SATB divisi a cappella + solo singer, medium/advanced level. Film, Sept 2018
Carl UNANDER-SCHARIN (1964-) Spiritual Exercises/Andliga övningar No 3 of six motets, for mixed choir a cappella. Texts from three different spiritual traditions form a metaforical and atmospherical "spiritual exercise". Composer of the Month, 2019
  The Cloud of Unknowing Dramatic, transparent and meditative choral setting of the fascinating text by an anonymous Medieval mystic. SATB divisi and organ. Advanced level. Conductor of the Month chooses... (2020)
  ...hold infinity in the palm of your hand… Suite in nine movements to William Blake's texts for choir and piano. Commissioned by Adolf Fredrik's Music School. SATB and piano, medium–Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
  Djupt under dagens yta No 5 of the six motets. A complex and beautiful musical universe with a philosophical text.  SATB double choir, a cappella. Advanced level. Composer of the Month, 2019
David WIKANDER (1884-1955) Kung Liljekonvalje Perhaps the most loved of the legendary Swedish national romantic choral compositions and Eric Ericsons favorite piece. Text: Gustaf Fröding. SATB div, medium/advanced. Conductor of the Month chooses.. (2020)