Alexander Einarsson
Alexander Einarsson

Alexander Einarsson: Dancing on the Crater's Edge by Ulrika Emanuelsson

The Swedish Choral Conductor of the Year, 2018, ALEXANDER EINARSSON, is a “dedicated searcher for repertoire beyond the usual” (from the jury’s statement). In Ulrika Emanuelsson’s Dancing on the Crater’s Edge, he finds a very personal composer’s voice and poetry that creates questions: what kind of picture do we give history of what is happening now? Do we create humanity or something else?


Alexander Einarsson
Alexander Einarsson is a church musician in St. Petri Church, Malmö, Sweden, where he leads award-winning chamber choir Petri Sångare (Petri Singers). Since 2015 he is the choirmaster of the Gothenburg Concert Hall and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, where he is the Artistic Director of its Vocal Ensemble. Alexander Einarsson studied in Malmö, Copenhagen and Paris and recieved numerous scholarships during his studies, among them from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and Eric Ericson International Choral Centre. In 2018 Alexander was appointed Swedish Choral Conductor of the Year.

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Dans_not_web.jpgDANCING ON THE CRATER'S EDGE - A suite for many voices
Music: Ulrika Emanuelsson 
Text: Bob Hansson, Anna Rydstedt, Lennart Sjögren och Tomas Tranströmer. Swedish translations in the score along with composer's notes.
For SSAATTBB (advanced level), soprano, percussion and toy piano
Four parts, total durata 14 minutes
Score available HERE (percussion part included)