Cecilia Rydinger

Cecilia Rydinger: Kung Liljekonvalje by David Wikander

CECILIA RYDINGER is a central figure of Sweden's musical and cultural life, among other things Artistic Director and conductor of world famous male-voice choir Orphei Drängar, once led by legendary Eric Ericson (he was the choir's conductor for 40 years!). In her video greeting, she tells us why the music closest to her heart is David Wikander's KUNG LILJEKONVALJE. Where should one place it in the concert program and why? How does the male-choir version correspond to the mixed choir version? Why is it such an outstanding work of art – and how do the Swedish words sound?


Cecilia Rydinger
Artistic Director and conductor since 2008 of Orphei Drängar, world famous male-voice choir. 1988-2009 Artistic Director and conductor of legendary mixed choir Allmänna Sången of Uppsala. Professor of orchestral conducting at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (first woman at the post in the Nordic countries) and principal of the same school 2012–2019. Extensive experience of conducting operas and musical theatre. Has received many prices for her musical work, including a royal medal.


Music: David Wikander
Text: Gustaf Fröding
Version for TTBB and SATB