BBC Singers and Chief Conductor Sofi Jeannin

sing Anders Hillborgs En midsommarnattsdröm (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Sofi Jeannin, Chief Conductor of the BBC Singers since 2018, was born in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and a French father. To her, the song Visa vid midsommartid is the essence of Swedish Midsummer - and Anders Hillborg is on of BBC Singer's top favorite composers. So both Jeannin and the Singers are enthusiastic about Hillborg's setting of the song, En midsommarnattsdröm.

"What I find so fascinating in our collective music making", Sofi Jeannin says, "is that both the musicians and the audience are invited to a journey. We can suddenly find ourselves in a different time and place, and in a different room. En midsommarnattsdröm really has that magic quality."



En midsommarnattsdröm
Anders Hillborgs setting of Visa vid midsommartid by Håkan Norlén and Rune Lindström.
Durata appr 5'

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