Birgitta Flick, photo Josef Sjöblom

#3 Nocturne by Birgitta Flick

In the autumn of 2021, Gehrmans Musikförlag and the Swedish Society of Composers launched a call for works by female and non-binary composers. Of the many pieces submitted, six are nominated by an external committee and will be published in 2022. #3, Nocturne, is a dreamy and songfull setting for three-part treble choir of Finnish poet Edith Södergran's text. Birgitta Flick is a jazz saxophonist and composer living in Berliln.

Edith Södergran’s poem Nocturne (translated by Anna Högberg) from 1916 is at the same time serious and light, secretive and bright. Birgitta Flick bases her interpretation around a hummed melody that with its movement creates the harmonies. The contrast between the soft sounds of the vowels and the clear consonants in words like "silverskira" together with small glissando movements where the music seems to rest creates a dreamy piece with character, structure and simplicity.

SSA a cappella
Durata appr 6 minutes
Medium level
In Swedish and English (translation by Anna Högberg)

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Birgitta Flick
Birgitta Flick is a saxophonist and composer from Berlin whose musical interest lies in the borderland between composition and improvisation. With a degree in saxophone from the Jazz-Institut Berlin (Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler") and in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, she works mostly in Germany and Sweden, but also internationally as a freelance musician with groups based in Berlin, Stockholm and New York City. Birgitta Flick’s choral music reveals a musician rooted in jazz, with great care for vocal details and love for both Swedish folk music and the Swedish language.

#swedishchoralmusic 2022
is a collaboration between Gehrmans Musikförlag and The Swedish Society of Composers. It aims to balance the eqality in choral music, Swedish and international. The six pieces chosen will be published by Gehrmans Musikförlag and spread to Swedish and international conductors and choirs. There will be one film for each piece, presenting the music and its composer, released in the series #swedishchoralmusic. The pieces are nominated by a committee of well known Swedish and international choir professionals. All pieces are anonymized before evaluation.

Committee of #swedishchoralmusic 2022
Karin Rehnqvist, composer and Professor of composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Krista Audere, Latvian conductor and winner of the 2021 Eric Ericson Award
Bengt Ollén, Choir Leader of the Year 2021
Simon Arlasjö, conductor and member of the board of The Swedish Choral Conductors' Association

Questions about the series? Please contact Janna Vettergren, producer and project manager of #swedishchoralmusic: