Susanna Lindmark, photo Josef Sjöblom
Susanna Lindmark, photo Josef Sjöblom

Tschitta saltunza by Susanna Lindmark

In the autumn of 2021, Gehrmans Musikförlag and the Swedish Society of Composers launched a call for works by female and non-binary composers. Of the many pieces submitted, six are nominated by an external committee and will be published in 2022. In the fifth work of the series, Susanna Lindmark has set a poem in the Swiss language Romansch to music. A butterfly's flight in the light from a cathedral's multi-colored windows is expressed in dancing, shimmering tones with Lindmark's signature: to touch and find new ways for choral singing.

Tschitta saltunza means "dance of the butterfly" in Romansh, the smallest of Switzerland's four official languages. The poet Arnold Spescha is something of a national poet in the area where the language is spoken, and the commission for the work came to Susanna Lindmark from a young and ambitious vocal ensemble, Incantanti. But due to the pandemic, it was instead Erik Westberg's Vocal Ensemble that premiered and recorded it, in the spring of 2023. Susanna Lindmark uses the text as a vocal and percussive element when she depicts the butterfly's unpredictable wing beat with changing time signatures, shifting timbres and playful voicing.


Music: Susanna Lindmark
Text: Arnold Spescha
SSAATTBB (medium-advanced)
Durata appr 6 minutes
Text in Romansch, phonetics and translation in the score



Susanna Lindmark
Susanna Lindmark is a composer, singing teacher, creative choir conductor and a central force in northern Sweden's musical life. Susanna Lindmark's music reflects her strong belief in each singer's own expression, the desire to touch both the singers and the audience and to find new ways for choral singing as a form of expression. Her music has been praised and awarded internationally. In her ensemble Arctic Light, she has created a development forum for young female singers from northern Sweden. She has been named both the Piteå municipality's Culture Prize Winner and the Children's and Youth Choir Leader of the Year. She is the initiator and project manager of Körcentrum Nord, the Northern Swedish Centre of Choral Singing.

#swedishchoralmusic 2022/23
is a collaboration between Gehrmans Musikförlag and The Swedish Society of Composers. It aims to balance the eqality in choral music, Swedish and international. The six pieces chosen will be published by Gehrmans Musikförlag and spread to Swedish and international conductors and choirs. There will be one film for each piece, presenting the music and its composer, released in the series #swedishchoralmusic. The pieces are nominated by a committee of well known Swedish and international choir professionals. All pieces are anonymized before evaluation.

Committee of #swedishchoralmusic 2022/23
Karin Rehnqvist, composer and Professor of composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Krista Audere, Latvian conductor and winner of the 2021 Eric Ericson Award
Bengt Ollén, Choir Leader of the Year 2021
Simon Arlasjö, conductor and member of the board of The Swedish Choral Conductors' Association

Questions about the series? Please contact Janna Vettergren, producer and project manager of #swedishchoralmusic: