#swedishchoralmusic celebrates swedish choral music! In 2019 we asked the composers who create it about the future. What inspires them, and how does their own voice sound?

The Composers of the Month in 2019 were:

Jacob Mühlrad: "When I use the choir as an instrument, I come close to what is both human and divine at the same time"
Anna-Karin Klockar: "I was singing before I could speak, so I guess that’s the language I´m best at"
Sven-David Sandström: "I understand now how much music means to me"
Agneta Sköld: “Now that I am retired I can start experimenting
Carl Unander-Scharin: "I was eleven and were working with music all the time
Anna Cederberg-Orreteg: "Don't underestimate children"
Olle Lindberg: ”It´s about moving people and one should not be afraid of it”
Thomas Jennefelt: ”Eric inoculated in me the concept of ”sound”
Ulrika Emanuelsson: “I like the voice as a rhythmical instrument”
Karin Rehnqvist: ”I was an odd bird with my interest in folk music and amateur choirs”

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